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Residential Stucco Installation Services in Alameda County, California

Properly installing the stucco that engulfs the exterior of a residential property here in Alameda County, California typically an elaborate process that often includes site visits, exterior demolition, removal/disposal of old lathe/stucco, and occasional (re)framing on a minor level. With that being stated, our stucco installation experts here at White Knight Plastering & Stucco have pioneered a four-part process that is provably proficient because of its emphasis on customer communication, involvement, and accommodation.

1.) Site Assessment & Exterior Inspection

This allows our stucco specialists fortuitous opportunity to visit the site, document any pressing/noteworthy issues that can negatively affect the stucco installation project, and compose an informative/insightful residential stucco consultation.

2.)Consultation & Agreement

As the site assessment and exterior inspection draws to a mutually beneficial conclusion, our in-house stucco experts will offer a reasonable estimate/bid that includes labor costs, material acquisition, and any permitting/mediation that is deemed mandatory.

3.)Deconstruction, Demolition, Disposal

Now that the consultation and site assessment are both agreeably finalized, our crews of professional stucco installers can now begin the arduous task of deconstructing the current stucco (often lathe, as well!), demolishing (or “demo-ing”) any unsound/faulty framework, and ultimately disposing of any excess materials, debris, and detritus.

4.)Installation & Final Walkthrough

With the painstaking process of deconstructing and “tearing off” the old stucco and hardware (nails, chicken wire, washers, tacks, tar paper, insulation, staples, etc.), our top-notch stucco installation teams can begin our rapid (but quality-focused!) task of installing your new stucco. After this is promptly and efficiently completed, we take the extra time to ensure our local residents here in Alameda County, California are absolutely satisfied with the stucco installation services we have provided.

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