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Residential Plaster Repair Services in Alameda County, California

As many fellow residents and homeowners here in Alameda County, California will attest to, the inclement weather we often experience can have a tremendously detrimental impact on your property’s exterior; and more specifically, the plaster that encases your home and is responsible keeping the elements at bay. Having said that, our in-house plaster repairmen have decades of collective knowledge and experience in affecting repairs for various homes and residential properties in the Tri-Valley & the San Francisco Bay, California Area. We provide on-site assessments as well as a cost/obligation free consultation prior to performing any repairs to the plaster of our clients’ home; thus ensuring satisfaction and commitment for all parties involved. If you have any additional questions, would like to schedule your plaster repair services immediately, or would like to speak with one of the in-house plastering specialists we have on call here at White Knight Plastering & Stucco, please click here!

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