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Residential Plaster Installation Services in Alameda County, California

"A residential home’s exterior is only as good as its last touch-up.” While this common sentiment is suitably credible when one considers a typical home’s exterior here in Central California, however, we here at White Knight Plastering & Stucco are staunch believers in “preventative services.” Or quality plastering installation services that are equally coveted for their stellar application and subsequent aesthetic qualities. (Superior sheen, passage & element-resistant characteristics, and their overall penchant for longevity, to name but a few of the many.) Considering the homes and residential properties in the San Francisco Bay, California area (as well as the Tri-Valley, California area) are renowned for their exquisite architecture, daring designs, and otherwise conspicuity, it only makes sense that the plaster the adorns the walls is installed in accordance with such lofty and refined tastes.

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